Baseball terminology dating, let s settle this baseball-sex metaphor once and for all


The pitch is considered not cleanly caught if the ball touches the dirt before being caught, or if the ball is dropped immediately after being caught. Baseball Terms Starting with H hanging curve A curveball that does not drop very much in its delivery, especially when hit for a home run. However, it is possible to strike out and still reach base, if the catcher drops the strikeout pitch. Typically done on pitches that are slightly outside the strike zone and may be questionable for the umpire to call a strike.

Let s Settle This Baseball-Sex Metaphor Once and for All

They are either of the two areas in the outfield between the outfielders, i. Like many baseball terms, this originates from sailing. This version starts with the pitch being thrown and the last strike recorded then is quickly thrown from the catcher to the first baseman who proceeds with the regular order. Japanese baseball reverses this.

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Baseball metaphors for sex

  • Also, a two-bagger is a double or two-base hit and a three-bagger is a triple or three-base hit.
  • Although that's the origin of the term, any batter substituting for another, for any reason, is conventionally called a pinch hitter.
  • The latter is due to the fact that the ball, when thrown over long distances, loses a considerable amount of speed the farther it must be thrown.

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  1. Also, in a more general sense, the area of the field on the imaginary line running from home plate through the pitcher's mound, second base, and center field.
  2. Good hit, no field Said to have been the world's shortest scouting reporting, and often quoted in reference to sluggers such as Dick Stuart and Dave Kingman, who were notoriously poor fielders.
  3. Also known as a brushback.
  4. The hit and run is usually ordered, or put on, by the manager.
  5. Golden Sombrero One who strikes out four times in one game is said to have gotten the Golden Sombrero.
  6. Baseball Terms Starting with L late innings The seventh, eighth and ninth innings of a regulation nine-inning game.

Baltimore chop A short downward swing intended to make the ball rebound off the home plate or the packed dirt immediately in front of the plate. Check out the list of this year's new baseball Skippers. This creates a gap between first and second base, and the batter attempts to hit the ball into this gap so contrary to the name, the hit follows the run. Sometimes used in conjunction with Yak. When the ball touches the batter as he swings at it.

This area is not part of the baseball field, but usually off to the side along either the left or right baseline, and occasionally along the outfield fence. Luke Appling was said to be the king of fouling them off. Moneyball Refers to the book of the same name, written by Michael Lewis.

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Two of the most notorious examples are Joe Charboneau and Mark Fidrych. When a ball is bunted foul, regardless of the strike count. Used to walk a batter on purpose or to try and catch a base stealer. Livan Hernandez may have the ultimate rubber arm, arabian dating site free having eclipsed innings seven times in his ten-year career.

See baseball statistics for more formal definitions of some of the statistical concepts in this glossary. This normally retires the batter and counts as one out. Baseball Terms Starting with F fan A strong supporter of a player, a team, each or the game in general. Great at getting credit cards to work for deposits! He parked a three-run homer.

Quit wasting your hard earned money! When done correctly, fielders have no play except to retire the batter-runner. Baseball is a great game full of colorful new phrases and words that just don't make sense to the casual sports fan. Said of a team when it scores eight runs in one inning. If you have heard some new baseball lingo or maybe you would like to understand some of the statistical abbreviations.

Also called a hot box or a pickle. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Babe Ruth and Rogers Hornsby were most notable among those who took full advantage of these changes and rewrote the record books. When the ball touches the batter in the strike zone. Since this pitching motion takes less time, it gives the runners less time to steal bases.

It hit the top and stayed in the field of play. It may also be used in reference to acknowledging something or used when one is in mild excitement. Typically done when the batter has two strikes against them.

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This was a tactic of the Baltimore Orioles of the National League in the s, who frequently attempted this kind of hit purposely. This was done to Willie McCovey among others. Tommy John surgery A type of elbow surgery for pitchers named after Tommy John, a pitcher and the first professional athlete to successfully undergo the operation. Baseball Terms Starting with W walk-off home run A game-ending home run by the home team.

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Presumably derived from card-playing terminology. If you've got any questions or we left some terminology uncovered, please drop us a line at admin lootmeister. We break down the division of hits by at bats. This rule is intended to prevent the fielder from intentionally dropping the ball and getting force outs on any or all of the runners on base. This is a difficult thing to do because the tendency is to hit towards the opposite side of the field.

No gameplay occurs during this period. Baseball Terms Starting with Q quick pitch When the pitcher comes to a less-than-complete stop in the midst of the stretch position, in an attempt to throw off the timing of batter and runners. Also, golfing can be used to describe actual contact with a pitch low in the zone he golfed that one for a home run. Most historians agree that the Dead Ball Era ended after the season. Make the switch from to odds today You'll be so glad that you did!

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Another source is the fact that early baseball bats usually cracked lengthwise in two pieces. Baseball Terms Starting with S safety squeeze A squeeze play in which the runner on third waits for the batter to lay down a successful bunt before breaking for home. It can be referred to as a close relative of inside baseball, where hit-and-runs and base-stealing are frequent. Baseball Questions - The sport has tons of terminology, jargon and statistics which create many questions.

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Baseball Terms Starting with P to paint to throw the ball at the edges of the strike zone. Contrast this with the safety squeeze. See more nicknames in the article home run. Closers are often among the most overpowering pitchers, dating rules in aa and sometimes even the most erratic.

May also be used when a team gets the opposing pitcher charged with eight runs over one inning or a series of innings. How to Calculate Batting Average - The stat that all hitters are judged by! Can be used to refer to both straight pitches fastballs and curving pitches breaking balls. Famous Baseball Players - There's greats and then there's famous players. Contrast this with the suicide squeeze.

Ironically, the on-deck batter rarely steps or stands on the on-deck circle. The deciding pitch, where only a foul ball will continue the action. Batters count the number of visible seams to help judge what kind of pitch by its rotation. The catcher catches the pitch while standing, allowing a quick throw to try picking off a runner.

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