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They're pretty cool and still very useful. Which is as far as I can see the same scope, except power wise. It has one feature that I do not know its function.

Anyone have any information, on where we could obtain any of these tools? Other than that, I never had an opportunity to try other brands. Too much heat, and you'll melt the glue between the achromatic doublet lenses and have to re-join them. If you call or email Leupold with the serial number on your scope they will give the mfg date. Redfield Accurange directions.

The owners half of the warranty card. Blount discontinued the manufacture of Redfield scopes, but retained their line of mounts. The Redfield Widefield line, the subject of this article, was introduced many years ago, when Redfield was still in its glory years.


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The older Redfields were very good scopes. It appears the Leupold has bought the Redfield scope line from Meade optics. Widefield scopes were shockproof, fogproof, and waterproof.

Did someone say vintage scopes. Bob, I repair vintage Redfields. Vintage fixed power scopes. Remember, the old Redfield lifetime guarantee is worthless.

But I may sell it since I do not have any older rifles although I could remedy that. Redfield Widefield scopes were built on rugged, one-piece, muslim aluminum alloy main tubes. They did the same thing both times.

All models were available with either a gloss black or a matte black finish, and all models came standard with a Duplex reticle. What exactly do I have here? It would be cool to mount on an older rifle and use it. Yellowhouse Beartooth Regular.

Weavers were the other scope of choice. The Lyman Alaskans don't compare optically to the Perma Centers. The different turrets are for different trajectories.

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  1. Never had a problem with the scope.
  2. So, looking at it that way, the cost of rifles etc is not that bad.
  3. Pepe Ray Beartooth Regular.
  4. If you can find a used Lyman Alaskan at a pawn shop or gun show, it would certainly be a period scope.

Color coded numbers, google music mobile double stadia etc. There are sources for lenses out there surplus shed. Originally Posted by Marshhawk. In the internal erector tube spring broke resulting in a situation where no elevation and right windage could happen.

It is still on a rifle that I shoot. Your range dope would give you the hold over and you guessed on how much to hold over. You'll also need a lock ring plier that you can pick up at Ace Hardware, along with a bunch of small screwdrivers. We told them, to return it to us.

WTK Date of Manufacture on Vintage Weaver and Redfield Scopes

We haven't had any luck with Iron Sights either. This type of reticle, invented by Leupold, incorporates a heavy a crosshair that becomes a fine crosshair near the center of the field. Have picked several up used at gun shows. Redfields were a nice touch cause they seemed to be much clearer. So, I am looking at vintage Redfield scopes as a choice that might combine a period appropriate scope with reasonable performance.

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Be interesting to see what happens to them now. For reliability, 100 free dating site a later model scope would be best overall. The Company that offered it is defunct. Bob General Manager Heartland Sports.

Probably not much help, but just a few suggestions. Also I prefer a fixed power scope of no more than say max. How did the Lyman All-American stack up against the others?

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My Ole man taught me how to use his variable accu-range a few years before I used the Army's variable Accu-Trac system. When I got them, I thought I would never need anything more powerful. There is no doubt that a rifle with a low mounted scope handles faster and better than the same rifle wearing a scope in a high mount. Very fine scope at the time, messages opening outclassed leupold.

Redfield Widefield scopes

Just a couple thoughts, I believe someone is mfg. Feel free to drop me an email, and I'll help where I can. So much for youthful eyes.

Redfield Scopes

Vintage Redfield Scopes
  • Not only do they have the stadia wires in the top, they have to be made so the range can be seen, in the lower corner.
  • Did this model co-exist with the Alaskan which seems to be pricey on ebay or did it replace it.
  • Redfield was an American sight and riflescope company, nearly years old, which formerly made all of their scopes in-house in Colorado.
  • It would seem to be yardage but some numbers are single digits.
  • It was suitable for big game rifles in calibers ranging from.
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