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Confidential Concerns and Suggestions. Click below to donate via PayPal. This is an alternative to calling the Helpline. Of broken homes and lies and threats.


Casinos, lotteries, and the availability of bookies are easier, faster, and more widespread. Minimising harm in venues Venue staff are trained to assist individuals who may be experiencing problem gambling issues to minimise gambling harm. Gambling calculator Ever wondered how much you really spend on gambling? Chat is a conversation between a person concerned about problem gambling and a specialist in problem gambling by way of computers.

Please report any technical problems to. Users who do not have microphones can participate in the standard chat room fashion by typing their messages in directly. Your information and chats are confidential and are in compliance with requirements of state and federal laws.

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Feeling the strain of gambling too much? How do I start a chat counselling session? If you feel this is the case, seek clarification from the counsellor so you have mutual understanding. Chat meetings are essentially chat rooms than include a chairperson who introduces topics that others in the room address.

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Safe Harbor Donations - Please Scroll to the bottom right hand side of this page. Please take this hand that I extend. We recognize that there are many different paths to recovery, whether it be through Gamblers Anonymous or another path. On the left you will find links to the posting board and chat rooms.

Thus real-time chat meetings feel more like face-to-face meetings than communicating via message boards, though some message boards integrate real-time messaging features as well. Non-identifying demographic information like your age, city of residence, ethnicity, gender, and, type of concern is also collected to understand the needs of different groups.

Is gambling addiction a problem for me? If you answered yes to any of these, slotnuts casino instant play you could have a gambling addiction problem.

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Interested in chatting to someone? Miss work because of your gambling?

Get creative Taking up a new hobby can be helpful when making a change to gambling use. These meetings are scheduled in advance for a specific period of time and are usually hours long. You are not taking a medication that is made dangerous or ineffective by Alcohol.

Read and accept the terms and conditions. At some meetings, an opening and closing statement is also included. Exercise Exercise can be a great tool to incorporate into your daily schedule to improve your health and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Practical ways to help someone with a gambling problem. Who should use Problem Gambling Chat?

Online communication is not suitable in crisis situations. Why are chat specialists asking for identifying information? More about chat counselling. Recovery Realm recoveryrealm. Spiritual Meatloaf Patricia Major.

Gambling addiction compulsive gambling and pathological gambling is a growing problem in the United States. If you would like to get started right away, you can join our online support community where you can read, share and learn from our worldwide network of members at any time of the day or night. Marijuana Anonymous Online ma-online.

Visit Know Your Odds - sports betting. Taking up a new hobby can be helpful when making a change to gambling use. Considering a major change is recommended.

You do not have a medical condition made worse by alcohol. Complete the basic information we need to begin a counselling session. Help is just a click away.