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This is an introductory overview of problem gambling. This is a basic orientation to problem gambling for those working in the field of addictions treatment and prevention. As a source of comfort and relief from stress, spirituality - regardless of religious or non-religious affiliation - serves as an integral part of many recovery-from-addiction types of programs.

Through various interactive polling and discussion, considerations of approaches will be illuminated, along with tips of use of technology in sessions. Please contact us at or cce lclark.

Gambling and The Military. This presentation will also provide useful information for those working in treatment centers but not directly with clients.

The full training series exceeds the Oregon requirement of hours training for qualified mental health or substance abuse clinical supervisors who supervise problem gambling counselors. This training providers an overview of the legal types of gambling in Indiana and the basics on how the games are played.

Summarize treatment options for older adult disordered gambling. This session provides both a broad view of women and problem gambling, as well as, several specific looks at individual stories of recovery, mandarin palace casino no deposit bonus codes and methods to help recovering women gamblers.

He is also the chair of the Canadian Problem Gambling Certification Board and his area of specialty is in the integration of mindfulness meditation and clinical practice. Turn on more accessible mode.

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Over the course of this training, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the older adult population in the United States. If I can't balance my checkbook, how can I help you balance yours? Upon submitting your registration, your request will be received by the Center for Community Engagement office. Participants will learn the definition of and rationale for using Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment.

This course will provide information on the types of gambling available and the gambling behaviors of older adults. Spirituality and Addictions Treatment. Course Direction This course is a look into youth and the ways and statistics surrounding possible gambling related activities. Turn off more accessible mode.

One of the fastest, growing forms of addiction in the U. If you are already enrolled in a course and are looking for the online courses website, go to courses. These resources may include online courses, webinars, face-to-face workshops, and published material.

Overview of Problem Gambling Offers a historical overview of problem gambling, along with information about contemporary gambling technology. Once processed, you will have account access to Moodle, the program that contains the modules. This session features extensive experiential exercises to raise the comfort level of clinicians when dealing with client's financial issues.

This presentation does satisfy basic orientation to problem gambling requirements for certain organizations in Indiana. Treatment Providers About Contacts. Presenters will discuss the ways problem gambling behaviors can develop, key indicators to watch for when determining if gambling is becoming a problem, and treatment implications to consider.

This course will also identify the difference between gambling for entertainment and when gambling becomes a problem or disordered gambling. Problem Gambling and Money Explores the meaning of money for those who struggle with problem gambling.

Your registration will be processed within business days, and you will receive an email from our Information Technology office with links and instructions for accessing the training modules. Center for Community Engagement. Participants will learn the definition of Motivational Interviewing and potential uses within a variety of settings. What is Motivational Interviewing? Participants will develop an understanding of the role of money vs.

Women and Problem Gambling. Your Moodle account will be remain active for one year.

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Gambling Among Older Adults in the U. Over the course of this training, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the older adult population and gambling behaviors. This course is a look into youth and the ways and statistics surrounding possible gambling related activities.

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Presenters explore the impact of social location e. She delivers gambling awareness workshops and webinars, and facilitates youth engagement and community engagement initiatives. This includes administrative tasks such as gathering and submitting the paperwork required for state-funded problem gambling treatment programs. Explain data on older adult gambling behaviors. Finally, we will discuss screening and treatment options for disordered gambling and what we can do within the community to reduce the effects and prevent problem gambling.